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UK Based - World Class PCB Assembly and Electronic
Equipment Manufacturing Solutions

UK Based - World Class PCB Assembly and Electronic
Equipment Manufacturing Solutions

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UK Based - World Class PCB Assembly and Electronic
Equipment Manufacturing Solutions

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UK Based - World Class PCB Assembly and Electronic
Equipment Manufacturing Solutions

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UK Based - World Class PCB Assembly and Electronic
Equipment Manufacturing Solutions

Phoenix Systems UK Limited are your PCB, and contracted electronics turnkey solutions provider, for the manufacture of electronic equipment and printed circuit board assemblies, to the aerospace, defence, medical, transport, automotive, education and industrial sectors.

Phoenix Systems Electrical and Electro/mechanical sub-contract manufacturing solutions

Phoenix Systems UK's extensive experience and competence in the PCB, PCBA, electronics manufacturing and turnkey box build assembly facility, embraces the latest cutting edge technology.

The services we offer include:- Prototyping, NPI, PCB assembly, Cable Harnesses, Wiring Looming, Chassis & Box Build, Test Rack Assembly, Control Panel Assembly, Turnkey Solutions, Potting, Conformal Coating, Strain Gauging, BGA placement & rework, AOI – Automatic Optical Inspection, ICT Flying Probe, ICT Bed of Nails, Test Solutions, Project Management, Obsolescence studies, Holding buffer stocks

Our Specialist Electronic Manufacturing Services include:-

PCB Assembly room
PCB Assembly
Box build electrical services from Phoenix Systems
Chassis & Box Build
Cable harnessing from Phoenix Systems
Cable Harnessing
Wire Looming from Phoenix Systems
Wire Looming
Control Panel Assembly
Control Panel Assy
Turnkey Solutions from Phoenix Systems
Turnkey Solutions
Potting from Phoenix Systems
Conformal Coating
Strain Gauging
BGA Rework services from Phoenix Systems
BGA Rework
Test ESS Services from Phoenix Systems
Test ESS
AO Inspection
AO Inspection
Vibration Test by Phoenix Systems
Vibration Test
Flying Probe Test by Phoenix Systems
Flying Probe Test
PCB layout service from Phoenix Systems
PCB Layout Service
ICT Bed of Nails pic from Phoenix Systems
ICT Bed of Nails
Procurement services from Phoenix Systems
Test Solutions by Phoenix Systems
Bespoke Testing
Quality Testing by Phoenix
Quality Testing
Protoytyping Manufacturing & Assembly

PCB Assembly, Manufacturing
Services & Solutions

Phoenix Systems are a highly acclaimed, AS9100 accredited sub-contract service provider, specialising in PCB Assembly, Cable Harnesses, Wiring Looms, Conformal Coating, Potting, Box Build and various ATE Test Solutions, including Flying Probe ICT, ESS & Vibration Chambers. We offer a truly professional and responsive service to all our customers around the world.

PCB & PCBA Specialist
Rework Service

Phoenix Systems pride ourselves on being able to replace almost any PCB components, either surface mount or through hole devices including complex underbody components such as BGA’s.

PCB repair, modification and upgrade by Phoenix Systems
Design to Specification pic from Phoenix Systems

Electronic Test Solutions
& Design Assist

Phoenix Systems have over 16 years’ experience in working with customers to review their designs, to improve manufacturability, testability and affordability. Our technical staff will assist to maximise efficiencies, minimize costs, and minimise unplanned risks to programs. This includes identifying long lead time items and managing obsolescence issues.

Electronic Components
& Materials Management

Phoenix Systems operate in markets that demand a comprehensive, timely yet economical supply chain. We are tasked with sourcing and supplying extremely high quality, traceable, reliable and compatible components. Customers stock can be held in an inhouse bonded store, reducing any fears of re-ordering delays.

Material management from Phoenix Systems








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