X-RAY Capabilities

Phoenix Systems UK operate a Unicomp AX-8200 – X-Ray machine from our HQ facility in Hampshire.

The Unicomp AX-8200 is a powerful support tool for process verification, development, and refinement. It provides high resolution X-RAY images which can be used for checking the integrity of hidden solder joints, which is particularly useful when inspecting components such as BGA’s, QFN’s and LED’s to name a few.

In addition to this it can aid with diagnosing hidden PCB faults which are not detectable by other visual inspection tools!

Some Key Features:

  • 90KV 5μm X-Ray tube, image intensifier with 2 mega pixel digital camera.
  • Motion controls include ±60° tilt motion, X/Y table motion plus Z axis tube and detector movement.
  • Multi-function DXI image processing system.
  • X/Y programming function for multiple image inspection routines helping to speed up the inspection process.
  • Maximum loading area 5610 x 420mm. Maximum detection area 435 x 385mm with ~ 300X System magnification
  • BGA void auto-measurement and report generation