Specialist PCB & PCBA Rework Services

'Printed Circuit Board Production Line' Rework

Many PCB assemblies today are purchased from offshore regions, in particular the Far East. The economy at larger volumes is attractive but when things go wrong there is a logistical, economic, and contractual nightmare to deal with.

The first priority will be to organise the repair of the PCBA, but it will often be entirely impractical to return units to the manufacturer for a number of reasons. Perhaps the manufacturer is not able to accept responsibility, the duties and shipping costs can make return non viable or, more commonly, it is impossible to remove all the units at one time to leave the customer with no working units so an 'exchange' program must be put into place.

Phoenix Systems can set up a 'production line' specifically for this type of product, where the volumes demand the process and test routines of a production line environment to guarantee the final performance of the rework, all carried out at a schedule decided by the customer and their clients.


Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Surface Mount (SM) Rework

In addition to the standard SM rework abilities, we have an ERSA Rework Station, ideal for placing and or removing components such as BGA's.

In our opinion, it is the best system on the market to handle the most complex SMT and THT rework applications.

PCB Repair, Modification, and Upgrade

If your requirements are in the 10's rather than the 100's or 1000's, we will still be happy to quote for repairs, modifications, and upgrades to your PCBA's.


Multi-pole Wired Connector Repair and Fibre Optic Connector Replacement

The cost of large multi-pole connectors can make rework a desirable option but the difficulty involved, in particular where the connector has been 'potted', makes repair of these a rare skill.

Fortunately Phoenix Systems experience in the Aeronautical industry makes this a skill we can offer, along with a similar ability with expensive and delicate Fibre Optic connector replacement.

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