Electronic Components & Materials Management

Phoenix Systems operates in markets that demand a comprehensive, timely yet economical supply chain.

We are tasked with sourcing and supplying extreme high quality, traceable, reliable, and compatible components.

Customers stock can be held in an inhouse bonded, store, reducing fears of re-ordering delays.

Electronic Components & Materials Management services include:

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Phoenix Systems Estimating and Purchasing departments can source competitively your complete Bill of Materials (BoM).

We offer a Worldwide sourcing service with years of experience in sourcing difficult to find and/ or obsolete parts. We can also suggest suitable replacements wherever possible.

Free Issue Kit or Parts Management

As is often the case today, customers may prefer to supply a complete Free Issue Kit, a partial Free Issue Kit or to sometimes supply components Free Issue that are essential to the products lifetime and therefore need to be purchased and controlled by the customer and no other.

We offer Free Issue parts management and are happy to use these parts as an integral part of the supply chain.

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Phoenix Systems can offer to manage all your material requirements under one roof. From single item sourcing to fully packaged and documented kits for delivery direct to your production line.

Major benefits are:

  • Reducing Materials Management
  • Managing Obsolescence
  • Shortage Free
  • Full Traceability
  • Just in Time (JIT)
  • Reduced Freight Costs
  • Single Line Order Placement
  • Single Line Invoice
  • Buffer Stock
  • Bill of Material Maintenance
  • Time Management
  • Availability to source through our worldwide supply network; IS MIL SPEC's, NATO stock numbers, and generic JANTX part numbers

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