Electronic Test Solutions & Design Assist

Within the market sectors we operate in, our aim is to become the customers preferred product, service and solution provider for all electronic manufacturing and test services.

Our comprehensive design review processes enable us to provide cost effective solutions to ensure any unplanned delays to projects are minimised, allowing you to confidently move fully functional product to market within the agreed costs and time frames.

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Product Qualification Testing

Phoenix Systems will test a client's product and report on its ability to withstand temperature fluctuations and stress, reporting on its durability and its performance overall.

System Level Testing

Phoenix Systems will verify and report on the functionality of a client's product and can, if required, offer appropriate advice on issues that might become apparent during the system level testing procedure.

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Flying Probe

Flying Probe ICT

A full and thorough PCB functionality test using Phoenix's flying probe system is an option for client's prototypes or low volume product.

The probe can be programmed easily for a small cost and will highlight any errors, which can then be addressed and rectified onsite.

Bed of Nails ICT

For the higher volume production Phoenix Systems offer 'Bed of Nails' ICT/ Functional Testing, a more traditional way of testing multiple boards prior to delivery.

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Test ESS

Phoenix Systems can offer a high quality certificated stress testing facility utilising their dual Sharetree Stressmaster ESS chambers.

These chambers utilise liquid nitrogen to adjust the temperature from +150 degrees to -70 degrees in 30 degree per minute increments.

Test Vibration Chambers

Phoenix Systems have a most impressive vibration testing facility and can offer full and certificated vibration testing for final or pre-build systems as a part of the manufacturing process or indeed as a totally separate facility.

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Control Panel Design Review and Build

To complement our experience, we are also pleased to offer a design review service for small to large system control panels.

PCB Layout Service

If you have a schematic design and physical constraints, but you do not have the staff or time to layout the PCB we will be happy to manage this for you using one of our subcontractors.


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