Quality Standards & Certifications

Phoenix Systems Quality Standards are an integral part of our business ethic and consequent success.

Quality is engineered into everything we do as a company, our dedicated highly trained staff work tirelessly to ensure that all specified standards are adhered to and that customer satisfaction is constantly upheld.

Consistent dedication and commitment to maintaining the highest level of workmanship provides necessary quality and repeatability which is endemic throughout our AS9100 accredited organisation.

Process Control & Training

From customer service to design and manufacturing, we at Phoenix Systems have developed formal procedures that ensure quality products are delivered. Along with auditing and statistical process control, Phoenix Systems can verify that established requirements are met. We believe that process control is the cornerstone of quality.

Phoenix Systems quality is only as good as the ability of our professionals to complete their tasks accurately and efficiently. Assessing need, providing training, and tracking results is an essential element of our quality program. All our professionals are trained and certified to IPC 610 class 3 and ANSI/J-STD-001.

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Quality Downloads

Phoenix Systems are AS9100 approved. Our operators are trained to build IPC Standards IAW IPC J-STD-001 Class 2 or 3 and to inspect IAW IPC-A-610 Class 2 or 3.