PCB & PCBA Manufacturing & Assembly Services UK

Phoenix Systems are a highly acclaimed, AS9100 Rev D accredited PCBA manufacturer. We offer a truly professional and responsive, prototype and PCB assembly service for our many and varied Commercial, Medical, Aerospace and Military clients throughout the western world.

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NPI & PCB Prototyping

We offer a rapid and accurate prototyping, new product introduction service in all areas.

We can give advice on the manufacturability of the design, suggesting alternative solutions to materials and design-build methodology to ultimately reduce the cost and simplify manufacture during production.

Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Phoenix Systems currently have three surface mount lines that consist of two Mydata machines and two Europlacer iineo machines, with capacity to pick and place up to 60,000 components an hour.

The machines are equipped with hydra heads and full vision to ensure accurate placement. We can pick and place all current package types down to 01005.


Ball Grid Array (BGA) Assembly

A placement process that's becoming more and more popular in Printed Circuit Board Assemblies.

Phoenix Systems can pick and place all current BGA packages, including micro BGA.

Conventional Through Hole (TH) Assembly

Phoenix Systems have full capability in conventional or mixed technology assembly. Our IPC-A-610 trained operators have vast experience in this field and work is carried out in a humidity and temperature controlled environment.

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Conformal Coating Services

Phoenix Systems provide a range of different Conformal Coating solutions depending on our customer needs.

Our services include:

  • Semi-automated dipping
  • Spraying using HVLP gun technology
  • Cleaning and cleanliness testing, including ionic contamination and dyne surface energy testing
  • UV curing facility where required

Our exceptional process controls enable us to produce consistent high-quality results with a repeatable process. Our highly skilled Conformal Coating team monitor key factors such as viscosity, temperature, humidity, and thickness to repeatedly produce high quality results.

We apply all types of Conformal Coating including acrylic, polyurethane, silicones, solvent based and UV cure Conformal Coatings.

Chassis and Box Builds

With excellent metalwork and plastics suppliers, allied to our ability in wiring and looms, Phoenix Systems carry out many chassis and box builds for small and large modules.

Press fit for backplanes adds to the services provided to enable full assembly of modules.

box build
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Control Panel Assembly

Many customers take advantage of the in-house abilities and experience of Phoenix Systems lending them well to the assembly of Control Panels, both small and large.

Full Electronics Turnkey Assembly

It has become commonplace today for Phoenix Systems to carry out the full turnkey assembly for customers. With all the capabilities under one roof this has become an extremely cost effective time saving and logistically sensible solution.

Units are assembled, tested, and boxed reader for dispatch and immediate use.

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Along with dedicated inspection and qualified personnel, our inspection team inspect with accordance with IPC-A-610 class 3, all PCBA's also undergo AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection).

Using AOI, every board is 100% tested for any missing components, misaligned components, any incorrect values, orientation and solder joint quality. All of this takes approximately 10 seconds, and any errors are recorded and reviewed for opportunities to improve our first-time pass KPI's.

For BGA inspection we use our own BGA optical inspection equipment. We can also provide a BGA X-Ray service, with full #D X-Ray inspection report/ image if required.

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