Phoenix Systems / Training School Initiative Pays Dividends

The recognised, worldwide manufacturing standard for hand soldering, IPC-J-STD-001G has long been one of the many industry standards held and  accredited to Phoenix Systems UK Ltd. To categorically ensure the quality of their product was upheld to this standard, Phoenix historically always trained their highly qualified solderers in all aspects of the discipline, in house, and very much on the job.

However a few months ago this routine changed, Phoenix Systems invested heavily into the concept of a new bespoke IPC training school. The sole purpose of this project being to instruct new, but pre-qualified staff into the Phoenix way of hand soldering, whilst of course adhering to the current stringent IPC industry standard.

The new recruits are surreptitiously instructed in the school to take into account all aspects of leaded and unleaded soldering techniques, they are encouraged to study the various materials used, and of course to acquaint themselves with the many and varied PCBA interconnections that they may experience in their Phoenix Systems working life.

Following on from the rigorous training courses, the graduated recruits effortlessly then feed into the main, highly skilled, manual soldering section of the factory, with the pleasing result that the Phoenix product quality remains exemplary as always.